Tuesday, December 13, 2016

10 Easy Tips for Self-Care Strategies for Stress Relief

1.  Daily Check–In- The First Step is to pay attention and begin the day on the best note possible. This can be simple.  When a stressful thought or moment arises, think of something positive in your day that you enjoy.

2. Breath- Breath is life.  A more mindful, balanced breath or two, here and there, can have a positive effect.

3. Movement- Good Posture is always a good starting point in any activity.

4. Gratitude-What are you grateful for? Learn to be present and gain clarity.

5. Reflection-Once well connected to our own needs, we can better set up for a positive tone for the rest of the day. Reach out into the day. Share with like minds whenever possible. Focus on positive energy wherever you can. We can do good deeds and be good people in our everyday life/life everyday.

6. Take a break-Never under estimate the power of taking pause. This is a good way to let the faucet of thought drain out.  Empty the cup of thought and replace it with positive thoughts, blessings and prayer, silence, or conscious and healthy breathing.  Smile, even for a moment or let out a sigh.

7. Compassion-Begin with Self-Compassion. Then reach out to others where you can. Where are you at your best?  Go there and help out in a way that relieves the stress and creates a better feeling. Fulfill your need to be compassionate and give back in your own way. Touch base with what brings meaning and purpose to your life.

8. Aromatherapy-If you are a fan of essential oils and the many healing benefits, try a scent you like to improve your mood and uplift the spirit.  Keep it at your desk, bedside, or in your car. You can find oils at your local health food store.

9. Inner Peace- While we aim for peace in the world, we can begin by finding a little peace in ourselves. Focusing of self-transformation through self-observation can benefit us in so many ways. Ask for help when you need it. Remember the things in life that make your heart sing. Get stress relief through inner peace.

10. Meditate-Practice the peaceful art of Meditation. Any time you need to be more focused or when you need to be more relaxed, meditation tools are an empowering self-care stress reliever. Use for Prevention and Solution.


  1. Ooh, these are great self-care tips for writers, in particular. I will share widely. Thanks, Mara.

  2. Thanks Mara! This is a great list during the busy holiday season!